Social Media Call to Action–Cancer-Causing Chloropicrin

Chloropicrin call

A week ago some legislators called on the Department of Pesticide Regulation to take action on the fumigant Chloropicrin.  Chloropicrin, is a cancer-causing fumigant that is used all throughout the state of California, especially in strawberry fields.  We need your help to keep the pressure on DPR about taking these recommendations from legislators seriously.  Among other things, the legislators are asking DPR to: 

  1. Recognize that chloropicrin is a potent carcinogen.
  2. Use air exposure levels recommended by scientists to prevent eye and respiratory effects.

The legislators are also challenging the process and data acquisition process that DPR has engaged in to promote a mitigation proposal for this fumigant.  The group is challenging DPR because they feel DPR:

  1. Did not take into account the full range of risks from pesticide exposure.
  2. Ignored critical data gaps.
  3. Failed to comply with their statutory obligations to consider whether safe and effective alternatives were available.
  4. Put workers and the public at risk by ignoring the advice of their own scientists.

Californians for Pesticide Reform is pushing a social media campaign/effort to make sure that DPR Is taking this seriously.  Please consider helping Californians for Pesticide Reform in this effort.  Sample tweets are below and feel free to use the image on this post to spread the word via your social networks.

Sample Tweets:

fumigants #safestrawberryfields fields [pic link]

CA_Pesticides, time for more protections from harmful fumigant pesticides like chloropicrin. #safestrawberryfields [pic link]

prone chloropicrin is a potent carcinogen? Protect farmworkers & communities. #safestrawberryfields [pic link]

• @CA_Pesticides, put strong safety measures in place to protect communities from drift-prone 
chloropicrin #safestrawberryfields [pic link]

CA_Pesticides, put strong safety measures in place to protect farmworkers from chloropicrin #safestrawberryfields [pic link]

• Chloropicrin causes serious respiratory problem & linked to cancer. @CA_Pesticides act now! 
#safestrawberryfields [pic link]

• Chloropicrin drifts from fields, harming neighbors’ health. @CA_Pesticides, take action! 
#safestrawberryfields [pic link]

• Fumigants = 20% of ag pesticides in CA. @CA_Pesticides time for more protections! 
#safestrawberryfields [pic link]