CCEJN champions resilience and environmental activism in disadvantaged Central Valley communities by increasing recognition of the adverse health effects caused by pollution.  To accomplish this, CCEJN has developed culturally appropriate environmental justice materials (EJ 101 curriculum for adults and EJ 101 curriculum for grades 6-12) that are used to educate and empower residents of disadvantaged communities, mostly in Kern, Tulare, and Fresno counties.

Our efforts are based on accepted educational methods.  We ensure that the knowledge and skills we build reflect residents’ own experiences and are based on an accurate analysis of the root causes of environmental injustice.  We also make sure that local realities are understood within national and global contexts and we empower residents to act to overcome the environmental issues their communities face.

CCEJN staff partners with a variety of stakeholders to educate residents about environmental justice.  From presentations to parents and students at schools, to house meetings organized by community leaders, to workshops led by other community-based organizations, we go where the community needs us.

Our educational efforts go beyond residents; we also offer presentations to regulatory and government entities eager to learn about environmental justice and how to better serve disadvantaged communities.

Contact our staff to schedule a presentation or training on how to incorporate environmental justice into your classrooms or existing programs.