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Residents of Kern County can use the Kern Environmental Enforcement Network (KEEN) as a way of reporting environmental hazards that are harming their health and their communities.  KEEN is a tool that residents can use to take a stand against pollution.  Please help CCEJN by spreading the word about this tool to residents of Kern County.  You can help by re-blogging this post or copying the image below and posting it to your facebook or twitter. 


You can post the image along with these sample tweets and taglines:

Help to clean up #Kern County by reporting environmental hazards via #KEEN!

Take a stand against pollution, report sources of pollution to #KEEN

In #Kern County you can break the silence, report environmental hazards to #KEEN today!

#KEEN helps to keep govt. agencies accountable for addressing sources of pollution!

If you see something that may harm the health of your children, report it to #KEEN

We can all work together to make #Kern County more beautiful.  

Govt, residents, and non-profits all work together to solve environmental concerns via #KEEN.

Residents are the voice of #KEEN!  Please report today any source of pollution.