Global Frackdown Event in Fresno

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Central California Environmental Justice Network joined Fresnans Against Fracking on Saturday, October 19th for a demonstration in River Park.  The event was a part of a global event aptly titled “Global Frackdown.”  Over 250 events in over 25 countries were hosted on Saturday, all recognizing the collective state that there is no safe way to frack, and that fracking should be stopped.

In River Park, members of Fresnans Against Fracking held a light brigade with the words “Don’t Frack Us” at one of Fresno’s busiest intersections.  With enthusiasm, chants, and good visibility the anti-fracking group sent a powerful message to residents and movie-goers,  For over an hour the brigade happily received sympathetic honks from the cars that passed the intersection.  Univision, KFTV 21, came to the site to film and talk to some of the participants.

Fracking is a dangerous practice that uses high pressure water injection, an unknown brew of chemicals, and horizontal drilling to break shale rock and extract petroleum and natural gas.  This practice poses threats of groundwater contamination, air quality pollution, and has been recorded to cause seismic activity. Fresnans Against Fracking has joined a larger coalition of Californians Against Fracking to ban this dangerous practice in the state, the country, and eventually the world.