CCEJN Timeline

 Here is a timeline showing key events in the history of CCEJN

(this timeline needs input and is a work in progress)

  • 2000  Central California Environmental Justice Network, CCEJN, was founded in 2000 as an outgrowth of the Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment Advisory Board.  Since then, CCEJN has played an important role in the increasing awareness of the environmental justice movement in the Central Valley.
  • 2001  Conference:  “JOINING FORCES-ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE AND THE FIGHT AGAINST PRISONS”  Fresno State University, 300 in attendance, sponsored by:  CPMP, Critical Resistance, SW Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, CRPE, Fresno State Mecha, West County Toxic Coalition
  • 2002 Agreement to meet quarterly-review coalition needs, plan conferences, update and support each others’ campaigns and efforts in between conferences.
  • 2003  Conference:  Fresno- CVAQ was born from workshops held at this conference
  • 2004 Conference: Bakersfield College, Dr. Ruthie Gilmore spoke
  • 2005 Retreat:  Three Rivers    Conference:  Grayson
  • 2006 Conference:  Fresno, Luke Cole spoke, 150 people, held at the Big Red Church, record amount of youth attend, organized by Deb
  • 2008  Conference:  Visalia, Dolores Huerta Speaker, 200 people in attendance, rural communities targeted and attended, organized by Deb and Neri
  • 2010  Conference:  Wasco, 200 in attendance, introduced SJVCHIP, lots of new faces, organized by Tom
  • 2011  Retreat, Delano @ 40 Acres

please click on the link below for a pictorial of this timeline chart