2010 CCEJN Conference Held in Wasco

CCEJN Conference in Wasco on November 13 was attended by over 100 activists from across the San Joaquin Valley.

  Conference Themes:

  • Connecting with people on the frontlines of environmental justice in the Central Valley
  • Listening to communities share their struggles
  • Educating each other from our individual experiences
  • Thinking critically about community issues
  • Creating solidarity in the fight for justice
  • Resolving to challenge the status quo

Outdoor Rally During Conference Made Demands of EPA

A highlight of the conference was the outdoor rally in the nearby park.  At the rally conference attendees held signs, sang songs, and made two specific demands of EPA (see photos above).

  1. EPA must not allow the expansion of the Chem Waste hazardous waste facility near Kettleman City until the cause of the birth defect cluster is determined.
  2. EPA must force the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to make a new one-hour ozone plan which will stop the continued violations of this Federal Standard long after the deadline for compliance has passed.

Video of some of the events[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqFl4Wy_pnI]