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Current Projects

  • FERN and KEEN Resident Reporting Networks: CCEJN coordinates FERN and KEEN, two reporting networks that residents can use to report environmental problems and to follow up with government entities to ensure local problems are addressed.
  • The San Joaquin Valley Community Health Impact Project: Community training and presentations to educate residents in Fresno and Kern Counties about the importance of Cumulative Health Impacts, the different types of environmental violations and how to report them using KEEN and FERN.
  • Community Based Monitoring: CCEJN has launched various projects designed to engage community members in monitoring activities (i.e. balloon mapping; air monitoring through censors) that inform them about pollution characteristics within their communities. This information is used by residents and CCEJN to advocate for stricter regulations.
  • Fracking: CCEJN has actively engaged in anti-fracking organizing that is putting forth the voice of residents of the San Joaquin Valley who are apprehensive of the practice. CCEJN has led community meetings on the subject, and organized people to provide public comments during hearings.
  • Preserving Water Quality in Fresno and Kern Counties. Through community workshops, residents learn about the importance of clean water; sources of water contamination; how to find out if their water is contaminated and mitigation measures; and how to understand Consumer Confidence Reports

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