Central Valley Youth Camping Trip

Hume Lake is a 87 acre mountain lake reservoir within the Sequoia National forest. Did you know that it is the first concrete-reinforced dam in the world? This beautiful lake offers recreational activities such as: biking, hiking, fishing, and boating. In this picture our Youth Environmental Savvy group are enjoying their wonderful time in the water trying to catch some fishes while admiring the beautiful mountain views of this lake. Our youth did a wonderful job in keeping the forest clean by picking up trash they would see around the lake

The General Grant tree (Christmas Tree) is the largest giant sequoia in the General Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. It is the second-largest sequoia tree in the world. This tree is a national shrine, a memorial tree for American men and women who have given their lives while serving. Our Youth Environmental Savvy group gathered around the shrine tree to symbolize protection. If we don’t fight for environmental justice our forest will have a huge impact. It’s important to get the youth involved with environmental protection at a young age since they are our future generation.

Moraine Campground rests in the heart of King Canyon, located along the South Fork of the Kings River. It was our first time taking our Youth Environmental Savvy group to a camping trip and for some of the youth group it was their first time visiting Kings Canyon and Sequoia National park and camping. It was such a wonderful experience for the youth to spend quality time with each other and away from their cell phones. We all had such a wonderful time, picking up trash around the park, hiking, admiring the waterfalls, and seeing active bears from afar.