Protect Agricultural Workers During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed how the world functions, and it seems like it is not going anywhere as we are close to entering the new year. As people try to normalize their life as much as they can, there is still one vulnerable population that this pandemic is hitting hard: agricultural workers.

Many of these workers work without legal documents and no health insurance. Many have had to stop working due to their children being out of school. The cost of living has gone up as the result of not having access to free or reduced meals at school. Wildfires have raged across the State of California making outside conditions hazardous for field workers earlier this year.

Yet, they are still out and working providing supply of food across the nation. And yet, they are not considered “essential”. They are not given the same resources to protect their life as other essential workers.

Nayamin Martinez published an article in The Daily Californian that details ways that we can make sure to help these workers that risk their lives for us all. Follow the link below for the full article.