Welcome to IVAN Tulare

IVAN (identifying violations affecting neighborhoods) is now in Tulare county!

Tulare residents speak to regulators and local politicians during IVAN’s toxic tour

According to the IVAN website “Between 2007-2010, a total of eight government-sponsored Toxic Bus Tours and workshops took place in the Imperial Valley, a predominately Hispanic community with a low employment rate. A direct outcome of these collaborations was the conception of the Identifying Violations Affecting Neighborhoods (IVAN) model. The development and implementation of the IVAN model marks a turning point in environmental justice regulation history. The IVAN model is reshaping how vulnerable communities protect, and in the process, reclaim their environment that has been systematically disregarded as a sacrifice zone.”

A Toxic Tour was organized to celebrate the debut of the new IVAN Tulare task force that will handle new reports that come up in the Tulare county. Dozens of regulators joined the CCEJN team and several other organizations in the bus tour to see communities of need in Tulare. CalEPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld said in the interview ” As we leave on the bus to Sacramento we have a to-do list…” along with the CalEPA secretary, DPR Acting Director Val Dolcini got a tour this week of ag communities in Tulare County – you can listen to the interview here.

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