Thank you for your support!

Dear CCEJN Supporters,

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful 2017 and to express our sincere gratitude to those who have sent their donations through our GoFundMe page and by mail. Thank you to Catherine Garoupa, Rachel Gelman, Al Arredondo, Destiny Rodriguez, Jerry Yoshitomi and Laura Rodriguez for their generous donations.

Our campaign will continue until January 17, 2017, and we ask you to help us reach our $5000 goal by making a modest contribution and by sharing this post with other friends who care about improving the environment in the San Joaquin Valley. You can mail your donation to our Fresno office (4991 E McKinley Ave. Ste. 109 Fresno CA 93727) or you can donate in the following link:


In solidarity,
Nayamin Martinez and Gustavo Aguirre Jr.