Roots of Resilience, 2014 — CCEJN Conference!

Central California Environmental Justice Network (CCEJN) is a network of organizations working to preserve the natural resources of the San Joaquin Valley by working towards minimizing or eliminating environmental degradation within our communities.  Every two years, CCEJN hosts an environmental justice conference with the purpose of advancing the movement and bringing together grassroot groups from all over the valley to share stories, successes, challenges, and reconnect with friends.  Through the conference groups are able to share organizing strategies, re-shape their platforms, and learn about new struggles or environmental justice topics.  
The environmental justice movement in the valley is at a critical point in which continuous permitting decisions like the expansion of Kettleman Hills, the proposed HECA power plant, continue to disproportionately harm our communities.  At the same time new improvements in technology, projects like the KEEN/FERN networks, and community monitoring have the promise of reshaping our current power structure to bring more information and tools to the hands of community members.  CCEJN and member organizations are at the fore-front of this shift in resident power building.
This conference is open to the public, and we encourage anyone that has environmental justice stories, concerns, or interest to join our organization and learn about the ongoing movement towards environmental justice.  Please register today by clicking here.  Or input the link into your taskbar:
If you have any questions, please contact